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Hamlet's Lair


Instead of describing myself, I asked some people in my life to send me questions that I promised to answer as honestly as possible. Most questions I received didn't require a lot of thinking. Some are funny but others are deep and thought-provoking that I hesitated to post my answers here.

I started with the easiest ones to the hardest and craziest questions :)

MANDY - my Sunday School student back in the day
Q: What makes you smile?
A: A lot of things can put a smile on my face. I'm very easy to please. But I'll give you three.
  1. Hamlet and King Arthur. They don't have to do anything. They just make me smile. Period. 
  2. Laughing babies. 
  3. Hugs. Everybody knows I'm a sucker for hugs. I'm Miss Cuddler. 

CK - my pretty and smart godchild.
Q: Name countries you'd like to visit. Why?
A: My top 6 would be:
  1. Israel - Every Christian probably desires to set foot in this land. 
  2. Switzerland - I want to take pictures of the Alps. It's also famous for cheese and chocolates...I can so live there! 
  3. Norway - Between November and February, I'd spend my nights there watching the Aurora Borealis. (That's if I can survive the cold) 
  4. France - Only with a partner, haha! Isn't it the most romantic country in the world? 
  5. Czech Republic 
  6. Austria 
I was 16 when I read the Zion Covenant series. A couple of books from that series were Prague Counterpoint and Vienna Prelude. I was mesmerized by the stories that to this day, I dream of experiencing Czech and Austria.

MEMEN - my friend who sprays perfume all over her body before bedtime :)
Q: Where is your next destination?
A: I'll have to regularly update the answer to this but as of today, the plan is Malapascua, Cebu.

MIA, another smart and pretty goddaughter,
Q1: If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?
A1: With Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese heritage, I'm practically a mutt. You didn't know I'm a mixed breed, did you? (Bisaya ra kog nawong!)
Q2: Who is your favorite godchild? Your answer should be my name.
A2: Alright, my favorite is Mia :)

DANI, Mia's clever sister. Another goddaughter who's pretty and smart. I should say sassy as well.
Q: Why am I your favorite goddaughter?
A: You truly are Mia's sister :) Because you're the sweetest of them all? Haha! You told me that I never need to get married because you're taking care of me when I get old. Ugh! As if you'd still remember my name once you find the love of your life!

RIZZA, a friend whose daughter seems to take after me :)
Q: Why are you fond of hugging your knees to your chest under your shirt? And what's taking you so long to get married?
A: I already outgrew that. I can't remember the last time I did that. The second question isn't valid.

MITCH. My friend since college who wanted me to be the best man at his wedding :)
Q1: What was the funniest and most embarrassing thing you did with your college friends?
A1: It wasn't embarrassing for me but I suppose it was for the guy that my friends set me up with. My friends came along (I think you were there, too) so it was like a group date. It turned out like a panel interview. So ridiculous!
Q2: Just to be corny, what are the letter initials of your college crush?
A2: Mitch, I have no problem revealing the name but the thing is I no longer remember. LOL! What's the name of that varsity player who ended up playing for the Davao Eagles? That's him.

SCARLET, the girl with whom I wish to pass on my legacy :)
Q: Why do you love photography?
A: That feeling when I capture snippets of beauty all around me? Priceless.

RUBY, a former colleague who's now excelling in Singapore
Q: What inspires you to take such lovely photos? When did this passion start?
A: I always thank God for the gift of sight. When I see a picture-worthy site, I don't instantly take a photo. I drink in the beauty of the place and thank the Lord for the opportunity to see it. Some people don't have eyes to see. Others have but don't have the privilege of experiencing it the way I do. So I capture it through the lens with the desire to share it with others.

As for when the passion started...It was back in 2007 when I shared photos from my phone on the social network called Multiply. I didn't even have a nice camera then. No Facebook yet. My friends Bryan Ansley and Carlo Javier were the ones who encouraged me to keep taking photos saying I have the eye for photography. Since then, I never stopped.

MAGNOLIA, my best friend
Q: If you figure in an accident, which body part would you cover and protect first?
A: By instinct, my nose! It's prone to accident.

MARK the wackiest pastor I know (in a good way).
Q: I love pasta - what dish will you be? And why not a pizza? Bwahahaha!
A: I love pasta too. But I'm a stir fried bitter gourd! You don't like it at first but after you've tried it a few times, you'll love it and even crave it! Acquired taste, haha! I love pizza but it's messy and I'm not :)

RYAN, a former colleague and handsome comedian.
Q: Describe your first torrid kiss and how messy was it?
A: Only you would ask me this kind of question. Need I say more when you already described it as torrid and messy?

JOYSI, a nurse based in Chicago. My soul sister :)
Q: Was there a point in your life when you questioned God's existence?
A: Many times I doubted His love and His plans but I never questioned His existence. It's actually hard for me to deny that He exists. Everywhere I look and everywhere I go, He's there.

BRYAN, the one who believed that I should keep taking pictures :)
His questions make me feel like I'm being interviewed for a difficult job.
Q1: If you closed your eyes to pray and heard the voice of God saying "I will grant you your heart's desire," describe how your life would then look given this gift.
A1: My life is already beautiful but it would be more so when God ultimately grants me my heart's desire.

Q2: Tell me something no one else knows about you?
A2: I'm not sure because my life's an open book. But I can share something that only a few people know about me. I'm able to pick up every person's scent and identify them with it. Maybe because I'm a cuddler. I give everyone I know a hug and that gives me the chance to sniff them, haha! I'm not talking about perfumes here or repulsive odor. I'm talking about natural scent. I think I can identify people in my life even if I'm blindfolded.

Q3: If you live another 5 years what will you (God willing of course) have accomplished?
A3: Last year was the last time I directed the children's Easter Cantata in church. For five consecutive years, I lived and breathed the music ministry. Now I'm training a young lady to take over and praying the next five years will be even more wonderful for everyone involved - children, parents, church members, non-church participants, and neighboring areas we're reaching out to through music.

Q4: Who have been the top three influencers in your life and how are you changed from their influence?
  1. Jesus - It's difficult being His follower and I failed most times but He's very patient with me. He's the one I look up to and it's His unconditional love that sustains me everyday. He's the reason I strive to be a better version of myself each day. 
  2. My mother - Having a godly mother is a huge blessing. I don't think I could be half the woman she is. I admire her for truly walking the talk and can only 'try' to be as kind, loving, and forgiving as her. 
  3. My father - I love to think that I got my father's attitude towards work, time, and the gifts he was blessed with. Ours was never an ideal father-daughter relationship but I'm proud that he's left those legacies to me. 

REMLI our Vilma Santos in high school. She's now based in Saudi Arabia
Q: Do u believe in a lasting love with a man 10 years younger than you?
A: Is there a right or wrong answer to this? Please tell me you're not in love with someone 10 years your junior! What I can tell you is that I prefer men 10 years my senior! LOL!

DAN is a musical maestro. My dream is to sing with him at one of his concerts, haha!
Q: Among the islands you've been to, which one would you like to have your wedding at? Why? Your home province not included.
A: Choosing an island is easy. It's the 'wedding' that makes your question unrealistic. LOL! Anyways, that would be El Nido or Coron in Palawan. Why? I simply love the sunsets there and they're meant to be shared with someone you love.

Some more questions aren't posted yet but thanks everyone for indulging me!

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