The Covenant

October 04, 2012

Brisbane Water, Gosford, New South Wales
Every time I see a rainbow in the sky, the following things come to mind:

  1. What could God be thinking at the current moment?
  2. He must be so displeased with mankind.
  3. He loves us anyway.
  4. He's faithful and will remain the same.

From the Holy Scriptures, this beautiful arch of colors is actually a sign of the covenant God made with Noah. He promised to never again destroy the earth by flood for the judgment of sin.

In Genesis 9:12-16 (ERV):

“I will give you something to prove that I made this promise to you. It will continue forever to show that I have made an agreement with you and every living thing on earth. I am putting a rainbow in the clouds as proof of the agreement between me and the earth. When I bring clouds over the earth, you will see the rainbow in the clouds. This agreement says that a flood will never again destroy all life on the earth. When I look and see the rainbow in the clouds, I will remember the agreement that continues forever. I will remember the agreement between me and every living thing on the earth.” 

I feel like every time a rainbow appears, God is so disappointed with men but because of His love and faithfulness, remembers His promise instead.

Hence my fascination for rainbows...

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