King Arthur

April 11, 2016

King Arthur at 14 months

I'm blessed to have had several dogs in my lifetime and each of them owned me. Lyka, El Cid, and Hutch - they're all in dog heaven now and I still miss them badly. 

With my cat Katya's passing, my vet wanted to give me a new dog. But because I already have my Hamlet and there's no replacing Katya, I refused the offer. 

The next time I went to visit my vet she said the puppy she was offering me was in the clinic. I didn't want to see it. But too late...There in the corner table were three little puppies sleeping. When I approached them, this little one opened one of its eyes and I knew he was meant for me. 

I didn't bring him home that day yet as I wanted him to have his vaccine shots completed first but I kept visiting him there just to cuddle with this cutie.

The white one on the left is King Arthur's sister. These pups are poodle/terrier mix.

Now Hamlet has a brother...

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