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Hamlet's Lair

Blue're the only light this empty room has ever had,
life without you is gonna be bluer than blue
sadder than sad..."
- Michael Johnson

- Pearl Farm Davao


Clara Colclasure-Garza said...

Very Beautiful, I really enjoy your blog.

Hamlet's Lair said...

hi clara! thank you...
...and your jewelry design collection is amazing!

JIM said...

Really nice..Did you use the tungsten setting or was this actual color??

Hamlet's Lair said...

Thank you Jim! I didn't tweak the setting except for the brightness and contrast.

David said...

Breathtaking scenery!! You did an awesome job of capturing the beauty of the locale!! Oh how I need a vacation :)

Hamlet's Lair said...

Thank you David! I'm very pleased to see Erin's picture (your profile pic) gracing my blog.