May 10, 2013

Fatima's footwear for the walk down the aisle. 
27 April 2013
Garden Heights, Quezon City

I was waiting for these two lovely ladies to pick me up at the airport. I got their text telling me to wait at the taxi's unloading zone so they wouldn't have to drop off. 

When their taxi arrived, I hopped in at the backseat where all three of us cramped. I didn't get a 'Hi' or 'Hello, how are you?' or 'I've missed you!' The first question I heard was from Joan and it was,'Where do we eat?' 

I smiled to myself and felt a mixture of love, fondness, and more appreciation for these girls and for what we've managed to preserve all these years. You see, Joan flew all the way from Canada and I haven't seen her in 13 years. Fatima, who's based in Singapore only came home to Manila to get married. The last time we were together was in 2007. 

We practically grew up apart and we aren't the kind of friends who constantly chat online. Not seeing each other for years could easily make our meeting awkward. But instead, it was like distance never happened.

After deciding where to eat, we excitedly talked about the wedding like it's been our favorite topic all our lives. 

With my beautiful friends Joan and Fatima at the Pancake House, Quezon City (right after picking me up at the airport)
We caught up with each other the night before the wedding. All three of us in one room, like little girls who felt too giddy to sleep.

The wedding night was funny, though. Joan and I were in our room and planning our activity for the following day. We were of course, not expecting Fatima to join us anymore. She's just gotten married, right? Then the doorbell rang, and it was Fatima wanting to stay the night with us! 

Long story short, we kicked her out so she could go back to her man. Joan and I went to church the following day where we found the newlyweds too.

I thank God for the gift of friendship. I'm blessed and honored to have these lovely ladies in my life. While we don't get to have coffee breaks together or talk on a daily basis, the love among us is as strong as ever.

Photo by Rob Reyes of House of Portraits

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