Pearl Farm: Salt, Sand, and Sunshine

May 22, 2017

Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm
It wasn't my first time in this gem of Samal but it was definitely the first time I've truly enjoyed my stay (and to think I was even sick).

I was reluctant to go since my platelet was still lower than normal when I was finally discharged from the hospital after dengue. But when you know you'll be in good hands and you'll have this paradise for an escape, you won't regret a thing. Thanks to Sunshine!

So off I went to Pearl Farm. I still looked sick, pale, and weak. Surprisingly, the attendants knew of my condition all because Sunshine already told them (while I was yet in the hospital). So the staff was extra friendly and attentive.

This time I also got to see the little known luxury resort right across Pearl Farm, the Malipano Island. This property is also managed by Pearl Farm so we got to cross through a speedboat ride for free.

If you're considering to stay in either of these resorts, you can get more information from their official website:

Here are more photos but sadly, these pics don't do the place justice.

Malipano Island

Malipano Island
View of Malipano Island from Hof Gorei Resort (taken exactly a week after our stay in Pearl Farm)

So you see, I had the complete package right after I was hit by dengue. I got to fully enjoy the salty sea, pristine sand, and wonderful Sunshine!

You can see more pictures of Pearl Farm on my first visit if you look up 'Pearl Farm' on the search box on the upper right corner of the page. But here's one of my favorites:

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