Weekend at Hof Gorei

April 10, 2017

Watching the sunset when you have the sun with you...

Dengue is nothing when a day after you get discharged from the hospital, you get to enjoy the beauty of Pearl Farm, and a week after - Hof Gorei. That's what happened to me early this March, thanks to Sunshine!

Hof Gorei is a resort near Pearl Farm. If you have a reservation, you can avail of the free boat transfer from Sta. Ana wharf. It took me and Sunshine 50 minutes to arrive at the resort.

What makes this resort unique is its butler service. Once you get there, you'll be greeted by your own butler. Yes, your very own butler. Meaning, someone is attending to all your needs anytime you need them.

If you want to have dinner or breakfast by the beach, you only need to inform your butler and they'll make it happen. You can even have them do errands for you in the island's nearest town. No, we didn't have our butler do that. But she did make our stay more comfortable and convenient.

View of Malipano Island (across Pearl Farm) from Hof Gorei

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