A Date With God

June 25, 2011

Pearl Farm
"The Lord stands upon the shore in the morning
and reveals Himself to the weary, disillusioned men 
who had toiled all night and taken nothing. 
He ever stands upon life's most dreary and time-worn shores,
and as we gaze upon Him the shadows flee 
and it is morning."
-author unknown

Read my blog on 'When in Davao' to find out how you can go to Pearl Farm and other must-see places in the city.  Click here: http://hamletslair.blogspot.com/2017/09/what-to-do-in-davao-city.html.

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  1. I love this picture and the comment below by the unknown author. Thanks so much for sharing this. This picture says what a thousand words could not say!

  2. Hi Leila!
    Thank you for dropping by. I love the quoted words as well. Beautifully said and perfect for the photo...


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